Tup Burger

Date: 2023
Socialmedia | Food | Content design
Tup, Via Roma, Palermo

Tup offers menus with simple but refined recipes, where the brioche with tuppo is the protagonist for a target aged 15-35 years in order to offer an experience of sharing, novelty, light-heartedness, inclusiveness.
Unlike other hamburger brands, we have a different recipe, which has its roots in the American tradition, innovating it and creating a bridge with the typical Sicilian experience, communicating it with simplicity, contemporaneity, light-heartedness, inclusion

Social media

Visual identity instagram

T’up has a young, never banal language.
Sometimes provocative. The terms are youthful and colloquial.
Puns with Sicilian and American terms to create a fusion between the two cultures. Colorful visual, both photos, graphics and videos. The audio is upbeat, hip hop, rnb, rhythmic


Digital menu redesign