Blade Ramen

Date: 2022-2023
Food | Portrait | Content design | Website design
Blade Ramen, Via Valerio Villareale 33, Palermo

Blade Ramen is the first Sicilian ramen house born in Palermo. For us it was a great challenge: a communication project whose main objective is the recognition and notoriety of the brand, with a strong visual and communicative impact. The logo and the entire brand identity were designed by Federica Villanti, a strong collaboration which then allowed to give life to the entire brand strategy and the development of the website. the tone of voice and the language are in perfect harmony with the brand identity.

Social media

Visual identity instagram

Blade Ramen has a young language, never banal. Sometimes provocative. The terms are juvenile and colloquial. Not too many words, our strength is visual and auditory. Dark visual, both photos, graphics and videos. The audio is often tek-psy or inspired by the cyber world.





Homepage responsive

The website is simple and essential, totally in line with the entire brand identity. Dark background, internal images of the place to create the atmosphere of the Blade Ramen experience. The primary need is for it to be accessible and usable also from mobile, as the main visitors come from social media.

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